Fresh seafood products

You can choose to purchase Lobsters live ~ for those who wish to prepare their own, cooked, or cooked and dressed*.

Most of the other products are processed to a level that enables you to either eat immediately, use in your favourite recipes or put straight in the oven as with our delicious ready meals.

Availability of stock is highly dependent on the seasons and the weather so why not call in to see us. Each product will state if it is currently in stock, sometimes the products are only available frozen, you can email or telephone us with your enquiry and discover our appetising range of fresh produce.

  • Lobsters in stock

    Landed by our own boat and those of other local fishermen we can supply lobsters all year round. We offer a choice of having them live (only if purchased from our shop), cooked or cooked and dressed. Dressing requires 48hrs notice or we can supply instructions to enable you to prepare your own. Lobster prices fluctuate throughout the year and are at their peak price around Christmas.

  • Lobster Portions out of stock

    Prepared and ready to eat including the meat from the body of the lobster excluding the claws, these trays of premium tasting shellfish are excellent value.

  • Lobster Cakes out of stock

    Made with over 70% pure lobster meat, NO POTATOE! Our cakes have spring onion and a few spices which makes them super indulgent. Heavenly with some salad or accompaniment of your choice, just heat them through and enjoy!. They come in packs of two which would easily serve as a main dish or share for a starter.

  • Whole dressed crab

    Whole dressed crab in stock

    Our brown crab are beautifully presented and sought after by customers from afar. Ranging from small through to ones large enough to share they are a meal in themselves. Wholemeal breadcrumbs are mixed with the brown meat to enhance its flavour and make it a perfect balance to the delicate white meat. Due to the lengthy process of preparing these they are not always available ready to eat and often frozen ones are only in stock but once defrosted they are just as delightful!.

  • White crab meat

    White crab meat in stock

    Carefully hand picked crab meat taken from the legs, claws and body – can be used in so many recipes or on its own with a lovely salad.

  • Potted crab out of stock

    White crab meat with chilli, garlic, capers, lemon, a blend of herbs and spices and topped with clarified butter – great as a starter with melba toast or fresh crusty bread.

  • Crab Spring Rolls out of stock

    A new product made with fresh white crab meat, beansprouts, spring onion, lemongrass and a hint of chilli. We have used authentic Chinese spring roll wrappers and they come in packs of 4, frozen and ready cooked. All that is needed is to defrost them and heat through in the oven to crisp up, delicious and very easy to use.

  • King Scallops out of stock

    Landed by a Welsh boat, collected, shucked and vacuum packed by us then frozen within 24hrs to retain their wonderful freshness. These fabulous King Scallops complete with glorious roe make a marvelous starter or main course. Pan fry in butter for a delicious true taste of the sea.

  • Queenies (scallops) out of stock

    Sweet, beautiful little gems again landed by a Welsh boat, shucked and bagged and then frozen within 24hrs. Vacuum packed 200gms of weight, approximately 35-45 in each bag, you will be astounded at their loveliness!

  • Sea bass out of stock

    The king of fish, wild not farmed, sustainably caught which commands a higher price but worth every penny!

  • Crab placeholder image

    Grey Mullet out of stock

    The only mullet we sell is sourced from the sea not an estuary which ensures it is clean and not muddy inside.

  • Crab placeholder image

    Mackerel out of stock

    We clean, gut and sell these beautiful fresh specimens either whole or butterflied. Our mackerel is line caught.

  • Crab placeholder image

    Smoked mackerel out of stock

    Smoked by us at our own premises we use a variety of flavoured bricketts to enhance this fabulous rich oily fish. Nothing other than salt and/or pepper is added giving a superb naturally healthy product.

  • Crab placeholder image

    Fish cakes out of stock

    Using fantastic fresh cod with a ratio of two thirds fish to one third potato our fish cakes have a crumb coating that is light and tasty.

*Min 24 hrs notice required